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Posted by Martyn ( on April 24, 2000 at 14:51:42:

Q : What's the ultimate goal in Buddhism?
A : To achieve enlightenment.
Q : What's enlightenment?
A : A mind that has eliminated all mental afflictions
by directly perceiving emptiness?
Q : What's emptiness?
A : Realization of ultimate reality where all
phenomena including self have no inherent
existence..mind perceiving emptiness abides in
non-duality..no object no subject.
Q : Isn't that like spacing out?
A : Not at all..it cuts the root of birth/death and it
is permanent.
Q : How does one perceive emptiness?
A : 1) Study dharma 2) Meditate
3) Purify negative karma in mental continum
4) Collect extensive merits ( perform good deeds
while dedicating them with understanding of
Q : How long does it take?
A : Usually several lifetimes.If one practise tantra
well, then in a single lifetime.
Q : So what's the whole point? I want instant
happiness in this lifetime.
A : If one practises well, one WILL be happy in this
Q : How does one meditate well?
A : Keep your vows.
Q : What do you mean?
A : Vows are not rules laid down to restrict you. They
are methods for you to gain better concentration
and less mental distrction in meditation.
Q : Methods?
A : Yes,all the temples,statues,books,altars,prayers,
mantras,rituals etc are METHODS to help you get
Q : Do I have to be a Buddhist to do that?
A : If you can perceive emptiness dirctly, WHO cares if
you call yourself a Buddhist or not!

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