Killing and other things

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Posted by Edvard Tam ( on May 01, 2000 at 00:18:14:

In Reply to: I don't know what should I do. Help me. posted by raju gurung on April 27, 2000 at 04:59:01:

Sorry I don't have any suggestion for you, althought I would do the same thing as you--try to throw the insect out instead of killing it. Your story reminds me something I wanna share with you all.

I had a friend who's a Christian. We used to be very interested in religious topics, psychologies and all that. One day I talked about the Buddha's teaching of not-killing. My friend said that if the act of killing can wake others than it has some sort of meaning in it. He then told me the account of a senior Christian who had killed an animal in front of a group of teenagers in order to shock them and make them feel that killing is horrible...blah.

To me killing is of course a major no-no, no matter what sort of reason you have. What I wanna say is that people just wanna go for their own ways of thinking/acting, that makes explaining the Dharma a complicated thing. If people themselves are interested and they cum to your for teachings, it's much easier because they're more or less "ready", but if they cum from a different background or even worse they cum to challenge your belief, it'll certainly require some skillful means.

From the psychology standpoint, people do have very different ways of perception. Sometime a simple explanation is enough, sometime a sympathic word may work fine, sometime it needs lengthly philosophical explanation...

Last nite I attended an initiation given by a Tibetan teacher, there were two Senior Christian. I dunno what they came for, but if they came to know what Buddhism really is I had the feeling that last nite might have given them an inappropriate impression of Buddhism--even tho' the initiation did mention a little bit of emptiness, suffering...etc, but more were about invoking deities, it didn't surprise me at all when I heard them criticizing Buddhism after the teaching...

As Buddhists of course we all know that Buddhism is much more than these, we all know that the core teachings are something else rather than deities, rituals, portraying in front of statues and pictures and so on, but, on the conceptual level, people can intepret these things in their own ways. It is something very natural

I am not telling all these to say that a good teaching should fulfill everyone's need...tht's unrealistic. But in order to help other sentient beings, a Bodhisattva certainly needs to have several skillful means, and at least a certain level of realization. I think...?

Om mani padme hum. May those sentient beings soon realize the way to happiness and be free from confusions.

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