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Posted by Mister Hebat ( on May 17, 2000 at 15:51:59:

In Reply to: The Enlightened Ones posted by Savaka on May 17, 2000 at 12:51:37:

Dear friend,
I'm very thankfull for your information.
I have read a book, titled "Religions of men". In its chapter about Buddhism, there is an analogy like this:
There is a very great dessert. This dessert is very dry and hot, you can not find any water.
Many people are died, during their trip across this dessert.
Four brave men go across this dessert and after find many dangers, finally the found an oasis, with green trees and of course fresh water.
The three men enjoy this oasis, they take a rest and drink the fresh water, but one men think,"there must be many people, that still across this dessert, they are very pitiful, if they can not find this oasis, they can die. I'll guide them all to find this green oasis!!!!!!"
He suddenly wake up and run to find the other wanderer and take them to the green oasis.

The three men, who prefer to take a rest in the oasis symbolized Arahant, and the man who prefer to save the other wanderer symbolized Bodhisatta or Bodhisatva.
The oasis symbolized Entlighment
From this parable, I can make a conclusion, that Bodhisatva had attained also entlightment, like the Great Bodhisatva Avalokitesvara, but they deny to enter the Nibanna/Nirvana.

But I don't know wether this right or not? Please give me another informations.
Thank you very much.

Buddhist Friend

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