Breath of the Mind

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Posted by Savaka ( on May 22, 2000 at 20:23:47:

In Reply to: Breathing meditation posted by Remmy on May 21, 2000 at 06:55:56:

There is this book, called Visuddhimagga, or Path to Purification. It is written by a famous Theravadin monk of ancient times called Buddhaghosa.

It is a no nonsense exposition of various Buddhist principles in accordance with Theravadin thought.

Its English is archaic, it's pages thin and flimsy, and the layout of the content leaves much to be desired.

But with persistence, you shall find a chapter on Anapanasati. It delivers this meditation subject in no uncertain terms. Giving specific instructions on every aspect of the meditation in meticulous, almost tedious details. Half the time, you will be bored by the ponderous writings.

But with persistence, you shall learn about the Breath of the Mind.

In my Buddhist community in Malaysia, Mindfulness of the Breathing is well regarded. I have spent nearly 15 years following my breath. And for the first 10 years, I had no idea what I was doing. I felt no result, I knew no benefits other than a general sense of calm and a good night's sleep after each meditation session. And I had no teacher to learn from. Finally, after being accused of having no skill for meditation by a dear Buddhist friend, I did my meditation with all earnest.

After a few weeks of earnest effort, I saw the Breath of the Mind.

It is clean and pure. It in itself does not lead to enlightenment. But it tells you how crude and unrefined the five-sense desires are. The Breath of the Mind helps you to avoid from evil. You pursue it happily. It refines further and further, teaching you about the finer, less noticeable taints of samsara.

It is hard to describe something beauteous and out of this world. Find the book. Read it. Practise with earnest effort.


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