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Posted by Society-Outcast ( on June 21, 2000 at 00:57:33:

In Reply to: Re: An instant death posted by Shane on June 20, 2000 at 17:03:17:

I am glad that somebody like you gave me an advice, though not much help, but somehow my pain goes away, subdues as I turn to find another way. now I don't feel much depressed as I used to feel before. Maybe I had found out a way how to bring this pain to an end, be4, I tried to meditated, anything that would get me out of those gloomy thoughts. The brighten day gives me
hope, the sunshine gives me joy, but it's just a matter of time be4 it goes away, and 4ever leaves me in darkness. I am glad and very much appreciated of your advice Shane; however, it won't go away unless I act and do something about it. So often, I've thought that only death or leading a recluse life would bring me eternal joy, the joy here I mean it's an endless joy, a peace of your mind. Well, anyway, I will try to find a way or whatsoever that will cause the cessation to SUFFERING.

Best regards,
: Dear ......

: I know exactly what you mean (though not necessarily how you feel). I have had similar thoughts resident in my mind stream for as long as I can remember. I have been medicated, hypnotised, hospitallised, etc... and basically none of it has been of much assistance.

: All I can say that death isn't the answer. It sometimes seems that way (I have been hospitalised twice and have a severely damage liver as a result of this kind of feeling) and the option seems sweet but there are downsides. Think aout the impact on those around you. When thinking along this line it is not necessary to think of someone close, but think about the person you pass on the street who's life you will improve (brighten their day at least) by just smiling and saying hello. That person would be deprived by follolwing this action.

: Hang in there. Don't wait until the next life to start seeking your much needed peace, but do it now. Seek out a monastery, or even a dharma group, who can help you find the peace you require.

: With Love,
: Shane

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