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Posted by robin ( on June 21, 2000 at 16:26:28:

I'm a eighteen year old male born in Sweden. I don't really have a question, but I have some thoughts that I would like to post, and maybe get some reactions.
This year I have been studying in highschool in the U.S, living with my aunt, who introduced me to budhism. I'm not a budhist but I have read a few books on basic budhism and I have found myself interested in the teachings of the buddha. What has made this year in the U.S very interesting is that I have gotten to see the big differences between a socialist society that I have grown up in and the very capitalistic american society, and at the same time been introduced to budhism,and the whole consept of being compassionate and stuff. Now I'm not saying that Sweden isn't capitalistic at all(it is becoming more and more capitalistic), but from my experience in the states, I feel that money is almost the only thing on the minds of the youth. And this view is getting forced into kid's heads from all parts of society. Teachers use money as the motivation for students to do good in schools. On TV there are tons of shows trying tell people that money leads to happiness. People don't value education and the JOY of learning. instead teenagers focus on their jobs so they can get money and by cars. I don't think I'll ever get to a conclusion, I will probably just keep babeling on. I just think that we are moving in the wrong direction. It's just not gonna work if everyone tries get as much money as possible. How can we stop these twisted views of life from being forced into young people's minds?

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