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Posted by Shane ( on June 26, 2000 at 10:52:09:

In Reply to: confirmation of Karma posted by Paul on June 26, 2000 at 01:46:51:

Dear Paul,

You are pretty close to being right on the money, however there is just one point I would like to clarify in regards to your definition of Karma. It just be semantics, but I feel that it is important when debating Karma.

The point is that the causes for the current results were produced not by the same individual, but by someone who shares the same mind stream. Their actions left an imprint in the mindstream which was then carried over when the individual died and the mind stream was reincarnated as the current individual.

As for your question about feeling the results of actions you didn't commit (I ignored my own rule for simplicity!), well it isn't possible. The only actions that will contribute to your karma are those actions which you yourself have undertaken. Those actions may be in response to an external event, however it would be your reaction that would add to your karma.

One final point about karma is that there are time limits as to the riping of accumulated karma. According to the teaching on the 12 links of dependant origination, all karma accumulated in this lifetime must ripen in this lifetime, the next or the one after. As far as I am aware this holds true in all accounts, however I did receive some teachings contrary to this rule. So I guess that it is a rule to look into yourself and perhaps may be a good one for debate by this forum.

Anyhow I hoope that my unenlightened ramblings have helped to clarify the issue in some way.

Good Roads and Fair Weather,

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