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Posted by Sergio ( on June 28, 2000 at 14:54:16:

In Reply to: An instant death posted by Society-Outcast on June 20, 2000 at 01:03:19:

Dear friend:

If you suicide you will reborn in a kind of existence of intense suffering, much suffering than you can imagine. Your actual suffering is nothing compared, because the suicide of a person who has a precious human life (which means someone with the Buddha’s teachings) is a sure reborn in lower realms.
You will not reborn as a monk and you will not be close to Buddha’s teachings anymore. You will not have the chance to work toward enlightenment again, and you will be reborning probably forever in all kinds of existences. Death will not erase your actual tendency to suicide, and you will keep it in your next life (if you are so lucky to be human) and this show will start again. You can’t change your mind with suicide, just facing it.

Please remember that all is impermanent. Your actual pain is impermanent, it can’t last forever. All depressions arise because the person is not aware of this, and he/she thinks that his/her life will be as horrible as now forever. This is a deep ignorance. Besides these kind of states of mind arise with exaggerations of the problems perceived, and a person with such states of mind never looks around to see if there is someone with worse problems (as an ill person in India dying in the street, or a kid rapped in Africa. Even a fly, which is an animal unable to grow and unable to do something else except enjoying excrement, is not as fortunate as you). I don’t think that you are suffering for something really serious. I think that you have just bull shit in your mind. But if I’m wrong, please read the life of Gampopa, the tibetan yogui. He lost his wife and children in a plague. But he used this tragedy positively, and realized that just the Buddha state was able to stop his suffering. And he did it. He decided to face problems and convert them in opportunities. A problem or a difficult circumstance are that just if you believe it. You should see them as an opportunity, it is all in your mind.

So please stop suffering and thinking just in your problems and needs. You are not the unique with problems. If you consider your life worthless, then don’t kill yourself, which is a very selfish decision. You should then give your life to an altruistic cause, perhaps working in a hospital or something like that. You will die anyway, believe me. Be patient. But while it happens, you can create a very good karma helping other people. That will also help you to realize that there are people with more serious problems that you, and some of them are happy people. Suffering and happiness are in the mind, not in external conditions. I also recommend you to get therapy. Please tell me more about “your horrible problems”.

Hope it be useful.

: Dear ???

: At last,

: At last I have what I've found what I've been searching for all these years. Today I would like to share with you some of my feelings and thoughts. In this life, all I could find was the pain, the suffering that resides inside of me for so long, today I would like to share part of what is most concerns me. All these times, I have often think of death (suicide) thinking of how I would end this life as soon as possible, because I find no contentment, no joy in this life. I had so many bad feelings and thoughts about my life, and don't know who I should talk to or share with, so I bore it painfully and secretly. All the time, I only feel pain, loneliness, and sadness, frustrated, and desperated to live another day, I am so desperated that only death would ease my mind. I can no longer feel the joy, the light of this world, I don't know what I should do, I wanted it so much that a peace and a quiet life would suits me better. I often think that if I die now, in the afterlife, I would reincarnate and becomes a little monk, growing up in a monastery, a temple or wherever those monks lived. I yearn for a quiet, neat and beautiful pagoda or temple, where there is Buddha preaching and a life of vegeterian, where there is no noise, where there is birds chirping, sunshine all the time, and I would hear the sound of tapping the bell, where I would get away from society and anything that deals with pain and suffering. There, I would find my true contentment, and hoping to become an Enlightment, find a way to get out of death, pain, sickness, old and everything that caused human to reborn again in this world. Please give me some advice, I am desperate and if only I got a strong will to make up my mind now and lead a life as a monk.

: Best wish,
: Anonymous

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