Re: Open Discussion: Are Some Teachings or Methods Better Than Others?

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Posted by alan on December 07, 1998 at 19:41:00:

In Reply to: Open Discussion: Are Some Teachings or Methods Better Than Others? posted by David on December 02, 1998 at 10:16:56:

I am comfortable thinking of Buddhism as a collection of courses of study.An awful lot of argument is just to play adrenaline games.Any one going verticlly from survival toward being a helping hand is going to pass through a lot of adrenal based challenge.

I felt bad every time I heard the word Hinayana for a long time.And wanted to just repeat a few things I've picked up over the years on that stress producer.

I got the first sentence down when it hit me that we are getting manipulated alot by professional manipulators.Again it helps me to think that;to know the motive of your conversational partner is a real big help.And that we can't trust the unseen motive behind most of the information we get anymore.Even the hysteria of solitude can look good when compared to the cost of information from strangers.

I don't want to get caught looking at a piece of string and getting upset with people calling their part of the same string a different name

Amoung other things perfection would include every one of us being contented with everything all the time.
Then the next best thing would be trying to sense the advantages of a perfected public mind that has not been created yet and is very much contested today.

Unless of course this moment is the result of all of your past wishes and that makes you so sick that you want to yoga up to a less personal state.That would be a likely motive.Wouldn't it?

The people who start a conversation with"lets all empty our wallets into a pile and share"require some patience too.

We Americans are more likely to be trying to rid ourselves of a discomfort than solve a problem.

If you want to be heard you got to go public.In public the bigger the gang your in, the better confidance you get.This explains some of the pleasure of the Mahayana.

Still the idea of the individual being like a piece of a broken hologram is a lot of fun.Your supposed to be able to see the whole holograph from any fragment of the original hologram.

I think the biggest problem I have with the "all included school"is that I can only contribute whatever energy my ignorant self can extract from the food I eat.All the rest is attention taken from someone else.

From birth till about age 40 I have found taking the public attention more stimulating than making my own energy and settled for whatever easy thrill came along.
I think that we will always be in debt to those that invested their quiet solitude into our well being.
I personally owe more to the people that didn't consent to my using their attention to my personal benifit.And I would not like the public, Mahayana or not,to pay that debt.

So there is another Hinayana function In finding grace between mistake makers.
I spent a lot of years being young and pretty and really feel ripped off by the experience.Maybe I don't owe as much as I thought.

I hope the public joins this conversion.

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