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Posted by Mister Hebat ( on June 30, 2000 at 15:10:58:

In Reply to: Inner Chaos posted by Mike on June 30, 2000 at 14:38:18:

Dear friend,

According to Shurangama Sutra, if anyone begin to practice the Buddha Dharma, the demons and devils feel very unhappy, because the lost one of their follower, and Lord Buddha get one follower.
So they disturbed your mind to confused you.
This can be affected also by your bad karma at the past time.
My opinion is to think that this is only a test, and will be dissapeared if the time is coming.
I have also read the experience of a person, that everytime after he attends the Buddhist ceremony, he will get sick. His friend told him not to attend the Buddhist ceremony again. But he didn't hear what his friends said. He realised that this was caused by his past karma (as he was young he killed and shooted birds), that he should pay.
Thanks to the Buddha and Bodhisatva he pay his debt now by got sick after attending Buddhist ceremony. After some years he doesn't get sick anymore and even everytime after attending Buddhist ceremony, his body feel healthier and better!!!! This is the mercy of Buddha and Boddhisatva.
Anyway you shold find the suitable Dharma Master and ask for his advice, because in Buddhism, there are 84.000 Dharma doors and many methods of meditation, a method is not suitable for every person, so you must find the best method for you.
I hope that this can help. If I make a mistake please correct me. Thank you!!!!

Mister Hebat

I've been meditating (simple breathing meditation) and chanting for approximately 2 months. I had hoped that these practices would help me to find a feeling of inner peace. So far, I have found only inner chaos. After meditating, I become increasingly impatient, agitated, and seem to have an underlying sense of rage. These reactions have begun to affect my personal relationships. Is this a typical response for a beginner? Am I doing something wrong? Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Your thoughts, please.

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