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Posted by Remmy ( on July 03, 2000 at 07:17:10:

In Reply to: Inner Chaos posted by Mike on June 30, 2000 at 14:38:18:

I too experienced this problem of unpleasant feelings and emotions coming up after meditation when I was a beginner. It's quite common, so don't worry - with time it will fade. What happens when we begin regular meditation is that we begin to see ourselves more clearly. All the demons and bad thoughts within each of us are seen in greater clarity and it is easy to think that meditation is responsible for them. But meditation only shows us what is there. A good analogy I read in 'How to meditate' by Kathleen McDonald is that the mind is like a dirty item of clothing and meditation is the soap and water that cleans it. When you start scrubbing, a lot of dirt comes out of the clothing. As you continue to scrub the water turns darker and you may be surprised to see how much muck the clothing contained. The soap isn't to blame for all the dirt, it just showed you what was already there that you didn't before realise. Meditation is soap and water for the mind. At first it will reveal a lot of mental and emotional dirt but with time and patient meditation your mind will become clean again. Don't be discouraged so soon. It takes time to clear the mind of selfish thoughts - old habits die hard!

If you still believe you are making little progress after a while or truly believe meditation is the cause of your anger then maybe you should try meditating for shorter periods of time or at a different time of the day or speak to an expert? Experiment and persevere but not to the point of getting frustrated. Few of us find meditation easy right from the start.

Good luck,

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