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Posted by Alan on December 08, 1998 at 19:01:34:

In Reply to: help on Emptiness posted by Rhett on December 08, 1998 at 16:11:47:

You have ask a question that you could spend your life studying.

I got interested in the idea from trying to understand an experience from my childhood.I clearly heard my name called when there was no other person around to call my name.I still haven't figured that one out yet but it led me to a life of self doubt and study.In the book Kindness Clarity and Insight HH Tenzin Gyatso
equates emptiness and compassion.
Compassion to me is the common sense.A virtual sense that even the trees have. This sense that we all are supposed to have at all times we now have to describe to each other,instruct each other and tell stories around the campfire....
I think I started to work on emptiness 25 years ago when I got told I should clean out my head.Those were the days my friend,you couldn't throw a rock without hitting someone that wanted to add some criticism .
I started into breath control to slow and sort my thoughts so I could do whatever my brain told me needed done.One thought at a time as a problem or promise was remembered I resolved it or told my head to return the thought to storage till another time.
Still unresolved is a line from somewhere that the word breath and the word spirit are the same word in most non English languages???
With the above practice was my comitment to keep my mind clear by always addressing each encounter with another being so that nothing between the two of us was left unresolved.Not nearly as hard to do as it may sound.The mind retains memorable pleasure sources and pain memories for good reason.also if you avoid an encounter your head may spend the rest of your life reminding you of it.
There are other rules!! lots of them get a teacher!!
A short answer would be **empty your lungs..hold your breath until you feel like your going to die.Your head just spins a little no fun there,so feel around inside your body that funny sensation in the pit of your stomach or near by is what I've been calling "emptiness" hope I'm not too wrong.
If you need an important quote "If you can only study the effects of your actions(karma)or emptiness and not both, it is much better to chose to study personal action and effect".

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