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Posted by JAYED on December 09, 1998 at 04:09:44:

There seems to be some confusion of the validity
of one "school" of Buddhism over another-is this one superior to that one? A simple answer is NO-all paths are
correct insofar as they lead to the knowledge of self
and liberation-any path which which hinders YOU in
attaining this goal is the wrong one for YOU.
I place emphesis on your opinion as to the
the correctness of a given teaching-based upon knowledge
and experience -because there does not exsist a true
teaching except the one that you can grasp-don't be concerned with
with my beliefs-they have no bearing on YOUR progress.
First off, realize that Buddah was one of many teachers
and that he was NOT Buddhist-no more that the Christ was
Christian-these school did not exsist nor were they
taught during the lifetime of the masters-they were
developed as a tool by the followers of the origional ORAL TEACHINGS
and later-generally several hundred years later-
recorded and codified. They have been modified and added to over the years according to
the needs and concerns of the peoples of the time and place and they will be
changed as they are assimilated and made"western"-
even the current teachers recognize this-relax-it's ok.
It is wrong to interfere with anyones elses developement-this is why there is
a prohibition placed on types of activity-Killing is
an attack upon the tutary deities that reside in ALL
living beings-every creature is one the path of liberation
and you have no right to hinder them. Ignorence is our
world view of ourselves,who and what we are and our
relationship to everything else.Whatever path you take-
it should enable you to identify and conquer YOUR
dellusions and allow your true nature to arise,if you cannot
accomplish this, you're just wasting time-The teachings and teachers cannot
free us from this state-like all of the historical personages
before us we must do as they did-that is the only way.

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