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Posted by dharmamoon ( on July 24, 2000 at 00:29:09:

I found this on a Pure Land Buddhist site...for all of us though, enjoy...Regardless of what others, or our own ego, would have us believe, there is only one reason for our present circumstances, and one way to change them. That is to reconnect with our source, our true self, our original nature. All else is but a shadow-dance.

Enlightenment does not come through the right sect. It does not come through the right organization, lineage or priesthood. It does not come from belonging to the right church, synagogue or temple. It comes from you. It is your gift to yourself. It is your inheritance. It is yours . No organization or person can give it to you. No priesthood or ordination can ensure it. Books, Services, Sermons, Ways and Practices have no more value than a pointing finger, no more reliability than your own sense of direction.

You must choose a path and follow it. You must realize that reaching your goal is your responsibility, and it belongs to one one else. If you think otherwise, or if someone or some sect tells you otherwise - and you believe it - there is no one to blame in the end but yourself for your delusions and dissatisfaction.

If this were not so, the world would be overrun with fully enlightened Buddhists, purely sanctified Christians, Moslems, and Jews, with Holy men and women of all persuasions crowding the marketplace. Many claim to be, yet very few are since even the priesthoods of these disparate "forms" can not agree on much of anything. If the leaders can not agree, how can their followers?
Yet the reality is simple:

Touch a child and see your Self
Touch an aged one, and see the Way
Touch your self and see the Light

Choose your Way, and be responsible for your choice. Be loving and be compassionate towards others, regardless of their 'form', for as you do, so you are. As you are, so you teach. And as you teach, so will your creations be. Most of all, be loving and compassionate with yourself. Everything begins and ends with you. This is our WAY, the cultivation of ORIGINAL NATURE.

This is the essence of all Dharma.

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