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Posted by Jason R. ( on July 25, 2000 at 01:35:57:

In Reply to: Strange Experience!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! posted by dharmamoon on July 24, 2000 at 09:49:13:

Your experience is entirely possible. However, I believe that your perception of the experience is different somehow from the actual experience. On the one hand, there is the truth, and on the other hand there is conditioned karma which stains or distorts our clear perception of reality. It is possible that your dog's residual karmic after image melded and was cancelled out by yours. Or it wasn't an after image at all. It could have been only a dream. Or it really could have been your dog's essential mind which was still attached to the Earth realm because of her connection to you. When she finally could hold on no longer to the Earth realm, the last bit of her conditioned karma somehow sparked or shocked you, similar to the way electricity travels better in salt water than it does in fresh water. The minerals conduct electricity better, and your karma conducted your dog's karma better as well.

You are not insane. You just conduct karma.

(Side note: After death there is the luminosity. It cannot be ignored, or grasped or rejected; In fact, it can't even be known. It is peace beyond peace where polarized karma is levelled flat. It is all-present. Those who stay in it feel a kind of giddy carelessness, and they willingly give in to it. This is because it is the truth.)

It has been fun posting my ideas/opinions on this site. Hoever, I'm going to move on now. This will be my last entry- bye bye

P.S. Susan, if you are reading this, no I'm not a poet, I just feel that penetrating words impact well, and impact is what I lacked, and what others may lack. Let's face it, it is neither enlightenment, nor non-enlightenment. How can we seek to attain a non conditioned state, when training to be a Buddha is collecting karma and actions and conditioning. Should we polish a tile to make a diamond?

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