A question of morality (and a personal problem)

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Posted by Alejandra on December 14, 1998 at 05:01:41:

Suppose a person would really hurt a person by telling them the truth, eg My parents know I work as an escort, they claim to be O.K with it, yet would find it difficult if they were confronted by someone else with their own disapproval on the matter. I told them that if they (my parents) cannot handle someone confronting them with the truth of what I do, then obviously my they are not comfortable with the fact and should deal with it. I told them that it was their problem and that they should find a way to deal with it. They expressed that they were not able to deal with it as yet and I should be sensative to that.
Of course I dont want to hurt them but at the same time it means being dishonest to others. My grandparents would most likely be shattered by the knowledge. My relationship with them would end because I gave them the gift of honesty. On one hand it would be a selfless thing to do. Yet it would cause grave problems between my parents and grandparents and cause a lot of pain. I dont think i have the right to do that. But is keeping 'skeletons in the closet' in order to avoid confrontations, the answer.

Then of course there is the issue of what I do for a living in the first place. It could fit under 'sexual misconduct' because although I am breaking no promisses and am perfectly contented with the agreement between myself and my clients I am indirectly a part of adultary, but these are my questions, although it is sad that so many men cannot keep their promise of fedelity, if a man is going to cheat then he will cheat, the fact that he made the phonecall to the agency in the first place is proof of that, and if there were no prostitutes then there is the possibility that such a man may 'use' someone for his own gratification, and the person being used could therefor get hurt. Or worse still resort to rape to gratify his need.

I feel that through may work I offer a lot of kindness, through tenderness, understanding, by being an attentive ear to problems ect.

The other issue is that there is a lot of money in the world and if I continue earning what I do earn I can put that money to good use (for the purpose of helping people). At the same time the low working ours give me time to study spychology, buddhism and do volunteer work.

I am comfortable with my work, I feel that I am being mindful about it. Am I missing something?
I am uncomfortable about having to lie. What should I be honest and clear my concience or should I lie and protect those I love? I get the feeling that telling the truth would be the most loving thing I could do in the long run? Am I being to much of an idealist?

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