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Posted by artur ( on July 28, 2000 at 20:03:02:

In Reply to: I beg to differ posted by Savaka on July 28, 2000 at 16:10:05:

: MahaBrahma is a Brahma from the First Jhana realms, the scriptures point out. It's a glorious place, I suppose. But he doesn't match up to Brahmas in the Second Jhana, Third Jhana and Fourth Jhana realms. And then even more incredible beings are those in the Arupa (Formless) Jhana realms.

: The scriptures don't refer to the Brahma realms as first, second and so on, of course. They have bright and exultant names...I forgot how to write them down.

: The Buddha has pointed out unequivocally that there is NO theological God, although the Buddha does acknowledge that the skies are packed with heavenly beings.

: "Maha", in Pali and Sanskrit means something like Great, Grand, Mighty. But it's only a name. The MahaBrahma realm isn't very omniscient.

: I, too, was a devote Christian once; read the Bible over and over. Without prejudice, I truly find that Buddhism bears a better all round view of life.

: An undebatable explanation as to why we cannot point at a being and call this fellow the creator of the universe is extremely lengthy. It has to do with explaining the Doctrine of Dependent Origination (Paticca Samapati).

: In friendly debates with Christian friends on the concept of God, I sometimes find it sufficient to do the following:

: Friend: "If you don't believe in God, then how can you explain who created the universe?"

: Me: *blinking innocently* "Why feel that the universe has to be CREATED in the first place? Can't something just exist?"

: When that happens, I don't answer his question and he doesn't answer mine. We just laugh it off. But I have noticed often that Christian friends think more deeply about my question than I do about theirs.

: Savaka

Good explanation. I want to add, that True Self (living beings) and three Gunas (energies, creating sansaric realms) have not been created. Their existence is eternal. Brahma is only a creator and a ruler of one local universe in one kalpa (cycle of creating of universe). So from this point he is a creator in some relative meaning, but there are billions of kalpas, billions of Brahmas, and there are many times higher realms than realm of creator of local universe. Reincarnation in Brahma is an unimaginably great attainment for living being, but the attainment of Nirvana is uncomparably higher goal.


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