Mostly Hinayana

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Posted by Alan on December 14, 1998 at 15:45:30:

I'm a new kid here and would like to pay my dues by offering a suggestion for peer review.

As a person we get energy from the food we eat.
We also need other peoples attention.

To get other peoples attention we each construct a device or technique.I call mine Alan.

The attention I can get is from persons or the ambiant energy of my family or social group.

The human body has developed nerve centers that each specialize In one of the major human motivations.We have names for these centers and know there main function.anus-phsical survival, Gonad-procreation,
navel-Don't know (attachment to group or something like that.)
Then you get up into the chest,then the head.All very interesting.

You have to relate to the world with the equipment that is working at the time, that is the point here.You can get yours working or be dependant on others.

We trade between ourselves don't we? Trading security for sex,and sex for social confort.
the people communicating above the adrenal gland are so rare that we stop and stare when we see one.

We have names for people that specialize or reside in a particular gland.We've heard of people who have their head stuck up their butt.They would see only anal gratification in sex.
A coward (gutless)just needs their adrenal gland reorganized.

You can still function as a device. Cops and robbers both live in adrenaline stupor that gives them survival, sex, group identity and rich emotional life,without the hassle of study and morality.All from hustling the public.

To get your food energe from from your gut to your mind It should travel up through the body.
the body needs to be soft.To get it soft eat right sleep right ect... Also you can chant to
massage these areas.

Like I said mostly Hinayana

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