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Posted by Stephen Pema Dorje ( on August 11, 2000 at 15:07:20:

In Reply to: Re: Taking Refuge: Ceremony posted by Susan on August 11, 2000 at 13:47:09:

Susan, Sorry you feel that I am wrong all the way down the line.
I'll answer your questions and comments. I took refuge because at that time
I felt that that was the thing to do. I have never said the refuge ceremony was wrong,
I just feel that the guidelines for the ceremony are too restictive for someone with
a good heart, but not able to find a "master".
As to your question about what I have done with it(refuge),
all I can say is nothing. I haven't "done" anything with it. Is that what refuge is about? What we "do" with it? I try to practice the Dharma,
and follow the Buddha's teachings. That's all. I haven't used the ceremony for anything.
If you don't agree with my view of the need for transmission to be a "Buddhist" that's ok.
To reach higher teachings and studies we do need guidance from a
qualified teacher. I don't think I ever said that.
But we don't need a qualified teacher to become a "Buddhist". The higher teachings and studies
come after that. I've never heard of a teacher that demanded refuge be taken through them
to learn the Dharma. As far as being being careful on what I write here, what's that all about?
I thought the forum was an open dialouge. Isn't that the way doubt is resolved?
Finally, I never said the Buddha never gave refuge. He did many times. I was just stating that the Buddha recognized
the potential in others before the refuge ceremony.
I didn't mean to bring up such a response in you, but that's ok too.
I think the "new people" that come to the Forum are
intelligent enough to make their own choices. After
all, we are not "masters", just Buddhists. Spiritual materialism or
secularism does more harm than good to all. The Buddha said that too.
Talk and discussion is what we all need. That's the only
way to eliminate doubt. Thanks for you response Susan, and I hope
you practice goes well...

Peace to all, Stephen Pema Dorje

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