Re: Taking Refuge: HOW? I am confused

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Posted by Sergio ( on August 12, 2000 at 14:35:09:

In Reply to: Re: Taking Refuge: HOW? I am confused posted by angela on August 11, 2000 at 23:31:18:

Very dear Angela:

Thank you for opening your heart to me.
Iím not an authority or teacher in Buddhism, but as a spiritual friend Iíll give you my opinion and I hope it can be useful to you.

Iím not sure if I understood you about your Guru, but it seems you meditated on your Guru and that created you suffering. Well, Iíd need to know who is your Guru, how did you meditate on him and why you think that caused you suffering.

You said that you need to experience the tantra to develop your Guru. Well, honestly I donít get it. Tantra is a Buddhist technology, and advanced one, and you meditate in your Guru in this system. But this is the last stage of a Buddhist practitioner, you might need even lives to be ready for something like that.

The teacher doesnít appear when the student is ready. The teacher appears when you look for one and you have the karma to find him. Sometimes karma is very positive and he appears even if you donít look for him. But the ďteacherĒ is a teacher only if he/her knows how to teach you those things that you particularly need.

You said that your karma has been predicted. Who predicted it?

About the topic of mental health, the Buddhist perspective says that mental problems arise from our mental tendencies and habits, known as karma. They are the result of attachment, aversion and ignorance, and they appear due to the habit of our mind of experiencing them. Likely your mental problems are usual thoughts about the same things, things in which you have deposit important amounts of energy.
The first step to fight against these problems is to slow down. You must stop this discursive mental flow and just stop. The method to do this is the meditation in concentration. This is the normal common meditation in which anyone has to start his training. You take a neutral object of meditation, as your breathing, and you concentrate in that object. It will be difficult at the beginning, because our mind is hard to tame, but with effort it will gradually be tamed. You can also use a positive object, as a mantra, but I do not recommend you visual objects, as a Buddha or a Guru until you have attained some success in the other kind of objects. You should also make strong purification practices, as the Vajrasatva meditation. This destroys negative mental impressions with the force of a forest fire. You can ask me about how to do this meditation or check the book ďHow to meditate. A practical guideĒ. Wisdom Publications, Kathleen McDonald. If you donít make these meditations everyday diligently, then it will not work. You have to make an effort.

You said that you pray each night for protection. Well, the best protection is a good karma, and a good karma is cultivated with good habits. Good habits are cultivated with meditation.

You ask how to be ordained. I understand you want to become a noun. If thatís correct, then the best moment is when you be a very happy person with a great life, without so much suffering in the daily life. This is a decision that must be taken with a motivation of be of great help to others, not with the motivation of escaping from everyday suffering. And becoming a noun with emotional crisis is the worst thing you can do. You will not stop suffering being locked in a monastery or something like that. You will know when you be ready for that.
Iíd really appreciate if you could be more clear and specific about your doubts.

Best Regards!


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