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Posted by david ( on August 13, 2000 at 13:41:17:

I've practised meditation infront of my thai buddha for 49 days. Each day I've meditated at least one hour, before I start my meditation, I'll chant "Omm Pagan Ah Ka Na Ya Ah Ka Na Yea Pa Na Pi Na for 3 times and continue with my mediatation observing the candle light. After the 49 days, when I repeat the chant, I would feel that someone hold my left hand and raising it upward and down onto the altar. Afterwhich my hand will start drawing circle on the altar. I am not able to control my left hand, I feel that I am able to communicate with my thai buddha. Eversince, I've ask for certain advise and the prediction given were accurate in my work place. Take one example, In April 2000, when I ask whether I will be promoted this year and the force hold my hand and write a "no" in chinese character. I was also informed that I will only be promoted after an appeal to my organization. In July 2000, the result of the promotion came out and my name was left out. I was promoted after an appeal in August 2000. In April 2000 again, the prediction was that my father will strike 4D(lottery) of an amount of $30,000-$40,000(singapore currency) in June 2000, and he strike $38,000 in June 2000 by 4D. Another instances, In March 2000, when a friend of mine came and consult about the condition of his father who was warded in the hospital for some sickness, the advise was to go for the operation and his father will be able to live for a longer period, if they decided not to operate, his father will not live for more than a month. However, the advise from the specialist doctor was just the opposite and they choose to heed the doctor's advise. After 2 weeks, his father passed away in the hospital. They are now on civil suit against the hospital for negligence. After the incident, my friend came back and consult again, this time I was amaze that the reply was "since you do no believe in the first instance, why come again, let nature take its cause" and my friend left.

There are many more incidents which I am unable to elaborate. Anyway I do not collect any monetary rewards for the advise, I merely do it as a favour.
I am not a holy buddhist, I only started meditation in December 1999. Evertime, the advise will come from the writing on the altar by left left hand, I am not able to hear anything or feel anything.

I cannot understand all these, are there all coincidence of something else. Can someone enlighten me on these phenomenon? What are all these? Please, I want to know more about all these.

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