Refuge Vows

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Posted by Karma Lodry Palmo ( on August 15, 2000 at 12:35:47:

Taking Refuge

Refuge and Bodhicitta

Until Enlightment I take refuge
In the buddha, Dharma, and supreme assembly,
Through the merit of generosity and other virtures,
May I realize buddhahood in order to help beings.
3x times

The Four Limitless Meditations

May all beings enjoy happiness and the seeds of
May they all be free from suffering and the seeds
of suffering.
May they dwell in great equainimity free from
passion, aggression and prejudice.
3x times

The Sixfold Refuge Prayer

I take refuge in all the glorious holy gurus,
I take refuge in all the yidams and the assembly
of deities of their mandalas,
I take refuge in all the buddhas, the fully
enlightened ones.
I take refuge in all the holy Dharma,
I take refuge in all the noble sangha,
I take refuge in all who possess the eye of
pristine wisdom, the assembly of dakas, dakinis,
protectors and guardians of the Dharma.
7x or more times

The Fourfold Refuge Prayer

I take refuge in the guru.
I take refuge in the Buddha.
I take refuge in the Dharma.
I take refuge in the sangha.


By this merit may I attain omniscience.
May the enemy, wrong action, be overcome.
From the stormy waves of birth, old age,
illness and death,
This ocean of existence, may all beings be freed.

Good Wishes

Bodhicitta is precious.
May it arise in whome it has not arise.
May it not diminish in whom it has arisen.
May it ever grow and flourish.

Good Fortune

May the Teacher come to the world,
May the Teachings shine like the sun,
May the holders of the doctrine and the
sangha of students be in harmony,
And may the goodness of the teachings remain
for a long time.

Guideline for the Vow of Refuge

The three Restrictions
1. Not to take anything less than buddhahood as
an ultimate refuge.
2. Not to cause harm to others
3. Not to associate with unwholesome people.

The Three Practices

1. To honor buddha and any depiction of buddha
2. To establish conviction in the Dharma
3. To respect and support the sangha

The three General Points

1. To express one's appreciation of
enlightment through respect and
2. To repeat the prayer of refuge seven
or more times daily
3. To remember that one has taken refuge

This refuge prayer was given in Alhambra, Calif on
December 14, l986 by Kalu Rinpoche

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