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Posted by David on December 17, 1998 at 07:21:05:

In Reply to: Re: Mostly Hinayana posted by Alan on December 16, 1998 at 17:13:28:

A partially functioning chakra isn't quite what I had in mind either, although I have heard of some people having their "third eye" open more than others. But, like I think you are saying, I suspect that means they have just not tuned thier awareness to it's function and that it is probably doing just fine without them anyway.

But whether or not a chakra, or a shopping mall, a field of flowers, or a house of prostitution exists and functions fully, our degree and type of mental and/or physical involvement in it (and thus the consequences to us and others) can take an extreme number of forms. That's all I meant by "to some degree."

"It is more common for people of leisure to use the chest and head to obscure and distract so that their lower body can feed off their conversational partners body" may not be new, but it's sure not one we hear expressed too often! Sometimes it goes on for months or years as "boyfriend and girlfriend!" Maybe even longer, with more potent (but easily dissolvible) titles.

As for prostitution and sex addiction, I wish I knew more about the issue. But it seems likely that prostitution could bring about "sex addiction." With whatever strings and tangles that may involve. Kind of like drug addiction, I figure - "drug" is such a small word for the web it encompasses. "Addiction," maybe a big word for a single mental function.

By "negative," do you mean "dukkha?"

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