Re: Buddhism - a Devotional Void.

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Posted by Alan on December 17, 1998 at 16:08:52:

In Reply to: Re: Buddhism - a Devotional Void. posted by David Rose - more help from Alan please! on December 16, 1998 at 22:05:56:


Hello David Rose

I hope to never claim a thought as mine any more than a sight or sound as mine.

The Catholic Church kept the Moslems from conquering Europe ( if you don't count Spain).
They almost kept the Mongols out too.Thats pretty good.But on the other hand they did feed cuban children to there fighting dogs in the New World.I don't Know much about minds containing more than one head,or governing continants. They had a need to be effective more than a need to be right or honest.

I know if I to define morality for everybody we would have a real mess on our hands.

I haven't seen enough good result from any of the Mediterranean cultures to get past the thought that they are all just trying to hold on to market share.

I have faith in angry dogs biting me.So I do have faith in things outside my self.

A list of misplaced faith would be huge but I think common to a lot of people.

Bakers using sawdust in my bread because its cheaper than wheat would have to be mentioned.

If I wanted to fetch a kite from out of the tree I would not have faith in myself to do that.

Im sure you have similar lists.

Please read again the entry about my misplaced faith.

I'm back to the basics on this word faith really. What phrase or group of words dose it replace

Devotional void won't work for me,You either got void or you dont.Its a stress but really prefer void.

We put our faith in the government for things knowing full well its motive.

I had years of faith in my mom.She is in 'Iron Matron'mode now and I fully approve.So there is lost faith without ill effect.

One of the first rules I remember working for me was 'KEEP YOUR ATTENTION IN YOUR BODY'.

Look around in yours,you can tell what is happening from where it is or is not happening.

I'm not sure there is a better place for you to ask your question.I am sure there are better people to ask.

Dry Christian humor ???

Christ and St Pete were out back trampling out the vintage when one says "you know I sometimes think some silly SOB has told all these people to dump their personal crap at my door".

Gone but apparently not forgotten


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