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Posted by Michael Pollard ( on August 16, 2000 at 15:38:07:

In Reply to: Ignorance is not always bliss, as illustrated here... posted by dharmamoon on August 16, 2000 at 08:18:31:

I agree, who is to critisize anothers belife system. Not us, and not them. The only thing I find worse is to claim to teach about other religions when these teachings are biased to begin with. Example, I know many Jehovahs witnesses, they beleive their faith best (understandable, it's theirs) but they have everybody read a book called "Mankinds search for God". In this book Buddhism is covered, despite it's agnostic/atheistic stance. Now they state the 4 truths but then hack down the story of Buddhas birth and cite the size of the cannons as being to hudge and complex. Sure, one story of the Buddha is a little out there, but like the bible, a literal understanding may give one a twisted veiw. Point is, they complained about the cannon, Buddhas birth, and the last lines of the Buddhist section are, "Instead, the average follower of Buddhism is simply preoccupied with worshiping idols and relics, gods and demons, spirits and ancestors, and performing many other rituals and practices that have little to do
with what Gautama the Buddha taught. Clearly, seeking enlightenment without God does not work." pg 160. Know I actually got this book from a JW friend who spoke of haveing to study other religions. Know, ignorance is bad, but to pass ignorance off as teaching, as religious learning is what many would call a "Bad thing"; myself included. Not to say most JWs I've met are bad, they're quite nice, but in my opinion, religions that follow similare practice are to be treated with caution. Ha, now look who's being critical. I just want to say also, one should be as tolerant toward ignorant people as possible; I try to be when my JW friends harras me, which is rare. It's best to inform them briskly are gently or to just brush their behaviour off. Well, Metta.

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