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Posted by Pat ( on August 16, 2000 at 23:35:19:

In Reply to: Re: Prayer in Buddhism- Pat posted by Susan on August 16, 2000 at 14:55:01:


Thank you very much for your reply. It was very helpful and I appreciate your time and effort. I now have a better understanding of what prayer is in Buddhism, which is what I was looking for to begin with.

I can see now that my question wasn't ignored but rather just waiting for the right person to answer it.

Thanks again,


: Hi Pat;
: I had to make a copy of what we both had written so I could keep up with it and not lose both our thoughts. You write so beatifully and so well and I don't do that well.
: It was a good question and I wasn't trying to be biased. Buddhism came in at The Golden period of time on this planet. At that time, they were referring to energy of the Universe and had names for the moon, sun and so forth, Buddha himself was a Hindu before he went in search of his path. It has always been directed toward inner body to the Universe and its energy force which he was trying to say. It was passed on in transmission form which is verbally and tho it wasn't written down for a couple of hundred of years, those before kept verbalizing. Its called transmission.
: It is a known fact that there were people or his following were actually human beings not somethng in the abstract. You must remember that because we are in human form and carry the MIND with us that we are one with the Universe, no seperation and capable of receiving what the Universe set up for us.
: Also, my history isn't all that good but at that period of that time, spirituality was an important thing and understood. There were monasteries and places for those that chose that path and very accepted compared to now.
: Regardless of religion, when we pray, we are praying to something, who is always the answer and that is the problem. Buddha says we have instant (I don't like that word really)connection with all of the energies around us and if we understand that, then we are one with all of it.
: When I sit and do prayers, its as if I am with the Universe and feel the presence of it. Its so real that its like I can reach out and feel the energy and with those that have been my teachers, I feel their presence in every pore of my being. The body drops away and I am one with all of them.
: That is what is so great about Buddhism, it is for this life, this moment and as a human being I am cared for.
: I am not speaking well here as its so hard to explain and in some areas there is no way or words to explain it. IT JUST IS
: When I am in trouble or in pain or feel fear, I call out for protection, for relief and I can't say I am calling out to one person, I am calling to all who have been my mothers and fathers in the past and my teachers to help me, to care for me. I ask for forgiveness when I am wrong or do something that is not good because I am sorry, truly sorry and I will try and do better.
: You take the body away and inside us is millions of channels that create energy and that is from the Universe itself that is around us at all times. We are all one in this Universe regardless of faith we follow and one can't say one is better than the other, it by our beginning in the process of our evoluation where we came into this planet in the first place.
: In the Golden Period, the way for man to follow was presented to him and did you know that there then over 5 million people here already. Egypt,India, China and I am not sure about Americas because our worlds changed as time went on. We shift and we traveled and intergrated.
: I am a Buddhist simply because it IS where I began my ancesterial roots, it where two people united and I became who I am. My genetic makeup comes from that background.
: This doesn't make me better than anyone else. Its just simply my roots. I come from a Christian background and brought up very strong in that arena and I can't say to you that there is no God, how dare I.
: Each of us find our own way home in any life time that is the nature of the human MIND. It will always return to its original state that it came from. You can tell just by the objects you lean to where you do come from. Look in the homes of those round you and each tell they're own story.
: I am sorry this is so long and I am only writing my own view point, it doesn't mean I am correct, for me it is but that is my right as being ME.
: There is a natural set of laws out here that were made for man to live comfortable as he can in this life and if one is able to find that, then he has found his way home to live in harmony with it as it was meant to be from the beginning of time.
: I think Buddha said once "If you don't agree or find it with me" then please go find your own way"
: I am sorry I don't use the proper scripture form.
: We are our own lamps and if we allow it, then we do become that lamp.
: I have always since I was a child been in search of TRUTH in the the absoute (ms) and I, too, checked them all out and walked years without any affliation but when I sat with my first Lama, I knew his words were TRUTH. What I like about all of this that is is old, its ancient and if one can understand it and walk it, it is indeed a magic world.
: No one is going to get away from birth, pain, suffering, old age and death. Thats a promise from the get go but how you live and deal with it can certainly make life alot easier to understand.
: Pat, I have written a book here and I am not sure if I have answered any of your questions, I certainly have put down my own view but its just my view.

: Thank you for asking the question. E-mail me any time and we can continue on. I really like how you write and perhaps I can learn some things from you.

: Many blessings,

: Susan

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