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Posted by Michael Pollard ( on August 17, 2000 at 10:21:35:

In Reply to: Prayer of compassion posted by Paul on August 17, 2000 at 05:47:48:

If you think to hard on somthing it may prove unenjoyable and be a vain attempt. Try to read and learn about these things in a relaxed and un hurried way. Instead, contemplate what you read, take an example which may have been provided and see if there's something the same or similare you can see in your own life, you may understand these things better than. The key is to contemplate key points as you go and try to find examples in your own life, even if things you learn don't fit right a way, then important pieces may still need to be found and understood. So just keep going. I hope this makes sense.

Now your questions:

  1. I've read alot about learned Lamas being able to choose their point of rebirth, so even enlightend people can return if they want (only after a recent death, probly not from Nirvana). In fact, I heard that what being without attachment, aversion, and ignorance does is allow us to stay cool and enter the light of pure reality or concouseness or `the light at the end of the tunnel' and all that. When we aren't polluted with those three elements or poisens we are able to control our rebirth. This is why fully enlightend Boddhistiva (splet right?) can come back to guide others. So, after every being is enlightened their may or may not be liveinf beings considering that rebirth may be an option to awakend ones. But I dare say there won't be, who'd want to be here when there's Nirvana:)
  2. Karma is `action'. Every action comes with a reaction, there's nothing mystical really. Get into a fist fight, you may be injured, you may get into trouble. Same with mental componets, if you start to desire a certain person and allow this desire to grow in your mind, it will keep comeing into mind (this desire) where you may then get involed in it and make this desire stronger and stronger leaveing you no rest. This is a form of karma because your action or desire produces a behaviour in your mind which will continue to come up when the conditions are right, ie theis person passes you on the street. And as you grow more accustom to these feelings it takes less and less to bring them up. That's a bad form of karma because your strong desire for somebody puts you in a restless state which may be provoked and worsened if this person doesn't want you back. Uh.. ok, I'm not sure if that's coherent. Point is, take any action or thought which lead to a reaction or more thoughts. Have you ever told a secret
    about some one when you shouldn't have? and then that person the secret concerned finds out and is angry at you? This is action and reaction. And the three poisen (attachment or greed, averson, and ignorance) are created and worsened by all of your actions and reactions through a life time and life times. Geez.. I hope all this makes some degree of senseto others. Just wrote me at if it doesn't; I'll take your wrath:)

Also, I hope this doesn't just further confuse you; that'd be awful.

: Metta Paul

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