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Posted by Shane ( on August 20, 2000 at 05:45:09:

In Reply to: What seeks Enlightenment? posted by b on August 20, 2000 at 01:29:41:

The fact is, in Buddhism we all experience in one sense a great number of sleves in various rebirths but this is only illusionary, as ultimately, though acheiving liberation we all return to the one Self that is nirvana. Even Western Philosophers have tapped into this maybe they could help explain. Kant made a two fold distinction of reality, the phenomenal and the noumenal. The phenomenal is reality as encountered by our senses,but outside of this, the "thing-in-itself" we cannot glimpse as we are imprisioned by our senses and cannot even conceive of reality outside of them. This reality outside our senses is the noumenal.
Schopenhaur said that in the noumenal all is one and undifferentiated. As differentiation requires space, time, etc. things that exist only as tools of our counciousness.

So the point is, think of nirvana as the noumenal, the peaceful, blissful level of reality undifferentiated by our imprisoning senses, where we are One with all. Then think of the individual self as being an illusion that is a product of being contained to the phenomenal by our bodily appartatus.

So in the Buddhist manner the self you see, is illusionary as is distinguished only by the senses, but in noumenal reality, which is the genuine reality of which are all a part of, the particular self no longer exists or is even necessary for that matter.

Hope this clarifies somethings. Good question too by the way! take care....


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