Re: What is the cause(s) of evil according to Buddhism?

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Posted by Michael Pollard ( on August 20, 2000 at 11:09:15:

In Reply to: What is the cause(s) of evil according to Buddhism? posted by Mangalananda on August 19, 2000 at 17:25:10:

Shane's explaination is quite enough, but perhaps a little more detail might be appreciated? While Shane used the word `ignorance', a better term may be `Delusion'; it encompasses all three poisens of Attachment, aversion, and ignorance (misunderstanding of reality) which is the cause of the first two. Also, the intensity of an evil deed is less obvious then the external effect we see, the motivation of an evil deed is as intense as the delusion that caused it, and the motivation further intensifys the delusion which caused it and may create others which are just as intense. Now this is how a deed is evil for the doer, it furthers his stay in Samsara. Now the physical deed is evil on many levels, for the individual or individuals that suffer directly, and those indirectly. The way this is evil for them is that their own delusions may be fueled and/or their current life shortened. If their Karma is yet to be purified, they may endup in a bad rebirth and will definatly be in Samsara longer; unless the victim
was already awake. On top of that, we don't just have all evil and good, we have something between; where the Delsion is there and the motivation but he action is undone or not completed, or the action is done but the motivation or delusion is not there; such a thing hasn't really a name, I will just say it's between. Now I've gone on and on, examples of each poisen may be given. For attachment we may be overly attached to money and willing to do anything for it, even kill. Aversion may be frustrated attachments like money, residing in a poor person who may do anything for it. And ignorance is to allow our selves to become attached to money, to think such attachment is good. You may notice I use money as the example, but it can be anything, even relationships. Anyway, that's really it, and like I often say I hope this makes sense and is accurate within the Dharma. Ok, so that's not what I often say, but that's what I always think before posting. Metta.

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