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Posted by Imy ( on August 21, 2000 at 09:07:50:

In Reply to: What Pope John Paul II said about Buddhism and check out the responses from Venerable Madewela Punnaji Mahathera's and Graeme Lyall. posted by cris on August 15, 2000 at 17:20:19:

I have studied under a hidden Esoteric school,called the universal christian gnostic movement- {NEW ORDER} -under V.M RABOLU.

I can now say this: it is quite a funny situation to see us humans of this 5th kaliyuga!
Ignorance is the worst enemy. -this is clear.
The true internal and mystical traditions of every so called religion are EXACTLY THE SAME!
It is us foolish humans who have misinterpreted completely the teachings of the great Elohim, like "Jesus the christ", Krishna, Buddha,Muhammad, quetzelcoatl, Ra, FU-JI... so on and so forth.
There are 3 main factors that unite all these
teachings: 1: Negation or complete destruction of our thousands of EGO'S.
2: Transmuting our sexual energies, correctly, using sex for the real purpose, -the spirtual purpose,{Tantrayana}... rather than using sex for some useless illusory pleasure.
3: Is developing true compassion, and making sacrifices, to help humanity {or those who are ready} with these spiritual teachings.

"God" is within us... anyone with any spiritual sense will verify this completely. The journey to this unification is the purpose of every religion.
It is truly a shame that religions have now lost all this knowledge, and are just blind systems of belief... ---yes i too can believe anything that seems to "sound right" or acceptable...
so if we are attatched to our beliefs, opinions, and views... then how will we ever find the truth?

So in reality, all religions are supposed to be teaching the same exact things, but just in slightly different words. And in my investigations i have found that this Tibetan Buddhism is the only religion left with such teachings still intact... so don't waste your time... if it is Buddhism you seek - then seek it completely... it is not hard to discover the teachings... and they will take you far within yourself... just remember to practice 90% and leave 10% for your daily intellectual learning.! something, even if it is a small amount... but go and practice it - this is the most imortant thing!
---take care, and awake!

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