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Posted by moke on November 06, 1999 at 18:53:56:

In Reply to: beyond the end posted by Brandon on June 07, 1999 at 15:10:42:

: After becoming a student of Buddhism some years ago, I have come to this conclusion for myself, remianing open to more information: Because there in reality- the Greater Reality- is no seperate self, since that idea is the main cause of our suffering, being deluded that I am an individual being, therefore separated from the oneness of all that is, there is no individual identity to go on after this earthly school. There is only the karma that I have been given here to work out, and what is left of that karma to be worked out by some individual after my time here is finished. I do not think that I will be reborn again on earth with a continuation of "my soul". so, instead of "reincarnation", I believe in rebirth of others of which in reality I am alreay a part of.
There is no beginning, there is no end, there is just now, and what is. I have been furiously devouring knowledge of the Buddhist belief system for a little over a year now...strangely enough I came to about 90% of the written conclusions many many years ago...and simply never knew that it was the burning question that I have not found a documented answer to:

: After Attaining nirvana, and expiriencing the final death.....what happens? the Dalai Lama's case he returns to the earth...but isnt the point of attaining nirvana so that one may NOT be reborn? and if there is no rebirth (to the lower middle or higher realms) what happens? would someone who is very knowledgeable please answer this (private email would be fine public just as well)

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