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Posted by Lester ( on August 24, 2000 at 23:25:45:

In Reply to: Re: breathing posted by Susan on August 24, 2000 at 14:30:57:

: : can someone please tell me if the buddha said something about the importance of watching your breathing?
: : thanks, seer

: I just thought I would throw this at you. When the Buddha was not even a Buddha yet and was only a Prince, it is recorded in history that one day there was a great feastival going on and his nanny's (for want of better word) had him in a basket and put him under a tree to keep the sun away from him and then they rejoined the rest and almost forgot him. Yet while they were away, he discovered breath and the importance of it and when they came running back to get him, they found him in a great state of samadi. When after those six years of practice, he remembered that moment and so he sat beneath the tree and said "I will not arise until I have found the truth", it is said the memory of that childhood experience came over him. Breath is the essential reason that we continue to live, without it, we die. Its that simply. Breath and not done with extensive expectation is simple but that is what turns the channels inside. It settles the mind and surprising what the results can come into being.

: I don't know where the book is on the breathing issue is but I wouldn't try to find too hard, I would just simply do it. Settle the Body in correct, breath in on 1,2,3, hold on 4,5 and exhale 6,7 and that represents inhaling all beings and their pain and taking it on yurself and then the exhale is lettting go of it all. Does this help you at all.

: Susan
:Susan, I read a little book called The Mindfulness of Breathing. It was actually a sutra based on a teaching of the Buddha, however I can't remember the Hindu name for it. It is a longish text but the lessons on breathing and the importance of it are really sent home. All of our life and it's mysteries can be found there. Good luck in your Practice.

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