near death expierience

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Posted by Craig D ( on August 26, 2000 at 23:55:48:

I am a 16 year old boy in australia that has had a
really rough upbringing. Since as early as i can
remember i have been questioning the purpose of life
(if there is one). It all eventually got to much and
i decided to commit suicide. I did it by overdosing
on aerosoles which is one of the weirdest experiences
of my life. My lower self was stripped away and i felt
nothing. it felt as though the conciousness in my head
floated away. I can remember feeling my feet twitching
and i regained conciousness in my body. I got up
feeling scared and cold and decided to live
because i proved to myself that death was not the end
of life but just of the physical body. Since then i
have been studying buddhism and have been meditating
rugularly. I can easily attain deep states of higher
conciousness, i believe due to my expierience with
death, by saying higher conciousness i mean absence
of lower self, pure life. You'll probably think i'm
mad, people i have told think i am. what i want to
know is what i have said is possible. Did it really
happen or was it a creation of my mind.And if so
does anyone have a clue to what the point of
everything is. The buddha gave a good explanation
to what life was but he didnt say what the point was.
He said the point of human life is to attain
enlightment and escape the cycle of rebirth but
was is the point of that. Is life just a state of
existence floating pointlessly around the universe
and earth was just a freak of nature that trapped
life in material existence of cells which eventually
evolved into humans and now we're all here trying to
figure out we're just a small portion of this life.
And when we realize this we aren't trapped in material
existance anymore are float pontlessly around again.
I appreciate any comments.

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