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Posted by Susan ( on August 27, 2000 at 03:20:21:

In Reply to: near death expierience posted by Craig D on August 26, 2000 at 23:55:48:

Good morning Craig from my part of world as yours has just settled into night. I took a printout of your question so I could following what you were saying. Such a young age that your suffering would lead to such extreme action, the ending of your life. I am just grateful that what you experienced and are still here put the fright of it all into you. What a intelligent young man you are which goes to show you have a good MIND. You got lucky because that was your karma that you are not meant to leave life yet and look what you are doing with that life at this moment.
No, you are not crazy nor mad as there are several million people that have had a death experience and found upon their return that they had somehow changed. I can say from personal experience that that too was my own experience at one time and my life has never the same since. Its has if who ever I was trying to destroy left and someone, who is my true self came into being. It was a blessing and this was many years ago.
Your accesscment of the death experience was correct, it would have only been the body that disolved and the MIND would have continued but not in a good place so here you are again, right where you are suppose to be.
All mankind asked themselves the purpose of life and the reasoning behind it, its a natural question and since you have been reading Buddhism that should give you a hint of sort.
1. Being born in a human form is a precious gift as it is only in that form that the MIND is able to function. Just think you could have been born an ant, animal and so on, would you have like any of those births?
2. This world was given to man as a gift, call it like going to school at the moment.
3. We all bring karma from past lives to have to experience again and try to make up from past mistakes. This may be one of the reason why in your young life, it has been so difficult.
4. The main thing is to know this and life is not easy but if you can figure it out, then life even in most difficult manner will help you with the understanding of it.
5. I think that perhaps what the Buddha was saying very simply is that it is possible to burn off all past lives, detached from emotions and the rest of it and finally rest in your pure nature. That is just a simple example.
6. You have alot of life ahead of you and you do have control over it, you aren't at the mercy of the world even tho I realize at your age, you are bound by certain criteria until you come into your own maturity.
7. Don't try and make your questions any harder than what you are asking, just be glad you are a human being and can have control over your life and if your practice is like you say it is, then continue your journey.
8. You are correct in that we are in this body a world of cells, veins, and tissue and skin but its the only way we can function as humans in this life.
9. We are just a dot or really energy in welm of the world but energy has different forms and even the Christians say that our bodies are the temples and that is correct.
I am really hogging this sight and I hope you get lots more of answers and they will in some way to help you. Celebrate life, your life and what you are going to do with it. YOu have alot of life ahead of you and always there is going to be something to suffer, how much we suffer will be karmic but also of our own inner being. You are young and your MIND already shows it potential, be glad for that. In closing , just one day at a time. Quit asking so many questions that are not answerable at this time but there will come a come when you will not or need to answer them as they will have been answered for you.
Take care,


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