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Posted by Susan ( on August 30, 2000 at 17:18:21:

In Reply to: Re: World Tibet News posted by Krystal on August 28, 2000 at 19:15:49:

I am so glad you figured it out and got on the web site, you will throughly enjoy it and its up to date information in the Tibetan world and that is as important to us as our practice. I will give you a little background of this site just for information purposes.
It was only until 1987 that the world became aware of Tibet itself and that was due to some special people in Washington in places of power. When His Holiness came to US that year, it was the first time that he was welcomed in our country in the political arena and those brave Congress and Senate members knew that to challenge the Chinese on behalf of the Tibetans was long overdue.
The Tibetans, themselves, have under gone unspeakable things and the Chinese just can't get them to change but their demonstrations were in accordance to his arrival and so the beginning of Tibet began.
In London in the spring of 1988, a group of 20 people gathered in some travel agency and to attempt to figure out how this was going to come into being. Well it is now 13 years later and the story of Tibet has and still continues to be told.
Yet at that time, none of us had avenue in which to relay information except by phone or fax so a group of Tibetans in Canada took up the challenge to tell their stories and so that group is run by Tibetans, themselves, who every day of the week put this information out.
So if in your community or newspapers or articles are written or you know of something that would be of interest, send it to the editors and they will be very grateful for any and all that they receive. If in your community, you are going to have an event that you would like the world to know about, send that too and perhaps it too will be put on the site.
There is one other site that is equally important and it comes out of London from a man name Robbie Barnett who was there in the riots in 1987 and has taken this project very seriously. I need to find his address as he is just keeps going.
The Tibetans themselves know and realize that the rest of the world must be kept aware of what is happening so through a underground, Tibetans place their lives in danger just to make sure that the rest of us have the information with the hope that we here in the west will help.
It has been an incredible journey for all and its just as close to you as just subscribing.
I am sorry to make this a book and you may wonder why I write on this as it is part of dharma, too.
We each in our own way do dharma the way we feel it should be done. Thank you for reading and hope that more of you would take an interest in this most interesting culture.


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