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Posted by Michael Pollard ( on September 02, 2000 at 07:25:15:

In Reply to: daily practice posted by kasandra on September 01, 2000 at 17:10:05:

Hey. The 5th precept is not to take intoxicants, or a better way to say it, if it causes you to misbehave it is to be avoided. So, Alchohol-Pot-crack-heroin and any mind altering substance is in this catagory. Now, I figure... If caffene causes you to start fights and to kill people, that is to be avoided. Really, anything which makes it really hard to think right is to be avoided...

If family is threatened, one should try for a solution which doesn't end life. If one cannot be found, my feeling is to only cause harm as needed. If you have a choice of shooting your assailant in the Head or knee, the knee is the better. But you will only make such critical decisions when confronted with them. You should do three prostrations, I usually dedicate one to each jewel. Chants to say, OM MANI PADME HUM is a well knowen one, and many people say it 1000 times a day. As for meditation, many different outlines exist. Some say 15 minutes right from the begining, Zen says you should start off with 5-10 minutes, but as your concentration grows you increase meditation... you can increase to whatever... Zen teachings I've read says max of 40 minutes where your then change and do something called kinhin for 5 minutes or so befre returning to meditation for a strech. But don't let your self be fooled, your day can be a long meditation if you practice mindfulness. Some techniques are stoping at a door and
saying a mantra, or counting breaths, or you can do similare practices at any common point in the day.

I found a good paper on daily laymen practice. It appears to be based on Pali texts (It uses pali words). Heres the URL:

Hope that helps, good day... Metta.

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