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Posted by SkySitter ( on September 07, 2000 at 07:01:35:

In Reply to: daily practice posted by kasandra on September 01, 2000 at 17:10:05:

: I have been reading numerous books on Buddhism in particular the Sakya tradition. I feel like I am getting a tiny grasp on some of the main ideas, but the daily practices, does and donts elude me. The 5th precept when taking your refuge vows says no intoxicants, does this include caffiene, and alcohol, what about perscription medications? Do not kill is obvious but what about when your life or families is threatened? What chants should you say everyday? How long should you meditate and how many prostrations should you do? I know that the buddha is inside of all of us, and we should focus on compassion for all sentient beings, and life with righ effort; but---I know there must be certain everyday rules or protocols-please help- also when your geshe offers teachingsdo you bring him an offering? sorry for rattling on and on but I have a thousand questions and am having a hard time finding answers to these less in depth questions.thankyou so much kasandra

Sigalovada Sutta may be the best description for the Layperson's Code of Discipline.

Tea (loaded with caffiene) is not only acceptable, but also welcome among Mahayana monks.

Self-defence: as said in Sigalovada Sutta: "But inasmuch as the noble disciple is not led by desire, anger, ignorance, and fear, he commits no evil."

I don't think Buddha teaches "if you kill you go to hell". I think the teaching is: "intentional actions carry great consequences. Think about the consequences before the deed is comiitted."

There was a story about "killing the pirates to save the passsangers on the baord and accept the consequences as a Buddhist practioner." That is the compassion the Mahayana Buddhism is teaching.

(The great Martial arts came out from the Budhist temples...)

Another story from an interview of H.H Dalai Lama:
Reporter: What if a mosquito bites you?
H.H.: I blow it away.
Reporter: What if it comes again?
H.H.: I brush it away.
Reporter: What if it comes again?
H.H. (laughing hard): Then I smesh it.

When we are human, we do human things. When we learn more, we do better. No rush.

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