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Posted by Marianne Uhrendorf ( on September 09, 2000 at 23:05:10:

In Reply to: Dreams posted by Judith R. Matkari on September 06, 2000 at 01:30:40:

: Hi
: In answer to Marianne 8-31-00
: I was glad to hear about your dream, because I had two dreams, one night after the other. I sat up in the bed unable to open my eyes and I was looking very closely into the face of Gandi and he was at the end of his life by the way he looked and I saw every wrinkle andhow thin he was and he said to m take my hand, and I then went to sleep. The next night night the same thing happened to me and I saw the face of Indera Gondi, and she said to me take my hand and I then I went to sleep again. I have always wondered what those two came to me for also. I also woke up in the noght and was fully awear of me walking aroung my home and my eyes were closed and at the same time I was in some pyrimid and say a huge man on my left with only a cloth around his waist down with his arms crossed and a lady with a vail and a child on my left telling me to go down the gread dark hallway in front of me and I was talking to them telling them no I would not travel down that hall again and I was crying. I later after about five years saw the Ramseys temples on the tv on a travel program and it was identical to where I was standing but I saw all the golden walls as new when I was in the dream.
: Another thing happened to me in a meddiphysical class of sorts they were precticying on each other and a lady was set in front of me and the teacher said to her what do you see about Judith, and I knew she would see a cobra above or around me and she did and she screemed because she said it was above and behind my head and so large and she almost fainted.
: As I speak I just remembered something abut the Egyption dream. I was at an Egyptian exibit in Colorado and my friend and I came upon the statue of one of Ramseys wife's and she had a crown of cobra snakes on her head andI began to cry uncontrolably, to the point of being really embarressd. MY friend and one lady working there did ask me what was wrong and I told them both I felt like I had found my home.
: Well There is so much more but that is enough for now.

: Thank you mister Hebat also for your info
: Judith R. Matkari
: Really nice forum
: Bye Bye for now

Dear Judith,

All the miraculous and strange things that are happening to you are fine as proofs of the reality of reincarnation and other para-psychologial capabilities. But I would request you to not to be totally enmeshed in these things! Keep track with your ordinary life as Judith Matkari and try to strengthen your present identity!

You see, if you donīt strengthen your own personality, there is the danger that you may
experience some sort of fragmentation of your self, which might at worst lead to a psychosis of some sort. I am a bit worried about you.

Some 15 years ago I, too, found out, that I had the ability of automatic writing, which nowadays is called channelling. I become so enthusiastic about this phenomenon, I spent hours writing down messages of dubious origin. At the same time I
became mentally less stable a person, - I was plagued by anxeties and fears of different sort and had to start my own psychotherapy.

I stopped all channelling several years later, when I came across Paul Bruntonīs (a fine philosopher, yogi and mystic),opininon of these kind of activities. He frankly said that they weaken the will power and sense of realism of the person in question. I must say that I have become a much more balanced person after following his advice! As to the material, which one receives through channelling, - it is very often of no value at all, - anyway not in my case. I had, for instance, got several messages that the third world war was impending!! It can be the fabrication of your own subconscious,or fantasies brought down by discarnate spirits of a low order, who donīt want to leave the mundane world.

Anyway, you have to make your own decisions. Wishing you all the best!


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