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Posted by Jimmy ( on September 11, 2000 at 13:36:24:

Hello to every being out there. I recently had a life changing experience...My friend and I were really high on some drugs when I began to tell him about my life and how bad it was...I then for some reason pictured in my mind thousands of beings in far worse scenarios than I was, I began to cry for them, I felt there suffering and wanted so much to take on that burden, and so I did...I don't know who I asked, but I asked if I could bear the suffering, so I began to cry for all those that I pictured suffering...I cried for over an hour, but I was not sad, I was happy for I was allowing those unfortunate people to not have to suffer...I have never had an experience like this ever, my mind set is totally different from 2 days ago, I no longer allow myself to hate...even if they hate me I will still feel compassion and tolerance for them, and I am real serious about this...this is no joke...I really believe that I was put here for a higher purpose...I want so much for a peaceful world and am willing to help anybody in need...no matter what race, gender, sexual preferance, we are all humans and we all share the basic common traits that humans were meant to nurture and strengthen...kindness, compassion, tolerance, good heart...I am a recently out of the closet gay, I thought that was my main problem in my life, I had so much trouble dealing with it for so long, and had many other problems, but I am not complaining, I have a family that loves me, I am able to walk, breath, sleep under a roof, so I am a content person...I have come a long way from where I started I have used everything I experienced to help strenghthen myself...regardless if it was bad or good...I made it work for me positively...and I want so much to be able help other people do the same...help end needless suffering...I truly believe that all people will become enlightened...I want to be a part of that destiny...My family has always been involved with buddhism but I never really got into...My mind is so much more open now, I look at life in a whole new perspective...I don't know what happened but I truly understand more than I used to and I want to understand even more...I have always had a good heart and I just want so much for everybody to live happily without pain, anger, suffering...I believe happiness will reign...I thank you all for your time...happiness and love to all...ALL...


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