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Posted by Mister Hebat ( on September 12, 2000 at 11:28:23:

In Reply to: Vegetarianism posted by Michele on September 11, 2000 at 09:40:47:

Dear Friends,

Just to share my opinion. It is not matter whether you are vegetarian of not.
It depends on your destination. Theravada Buddhist destination is to become an Arahat. So as Theravadin we must train in of "not discrimination" mind, it is no problem whether eating meat or vegetable, both are same for this practician. Theravadins obey the Rules (Sila)
An Arahat is also a very high achievement.
Mahayana Buddhist destination is to become Boddhisatva, that save all living beings, so as Mahayanist we must train in compassion (Boddhicitta). To train Boddhicita we should avoid meat, because it is impossible if we in one side eat the other living beings and in the other side save the living beings.
Vegetarianism is a "TRAINING", so it is not guaranteed that if you be a vegetarian, you directly be more compassionate, it needs a process.
Like if we learn mathematics, it is not guaranteed that you are directly be a very good mathematician. It takes long time, before you become a good mathematician.
Boddhisatva is also a very good conduct.
Both vehicles are precious and high appreciated. So eating meat or not, depends of our destination, and what we want to train.
As a Buddhist we must respect each other.
Sorry if I make mistake
I hope this can help.


Mister Hebat

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