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Posted by Susan S ( on September 12, 2000 at 14:20:24:

In Reply to: Chenrezig initiation posted by Marianne Uhrendorf on September 11, 2000 at 18:05:21:

: Next Sunday I am going to receive a Chenrezig initiation by a lama of the Nyingma order. Please, could someone inform me what I am committing my self to? How should I prepare myself for it?

: Shanti to everybody!

I should know the answer to this one but I would have to go look for it but just go in there with a calm mind and know that it is good thing to be doing. When you take enpowerment, it means that you are given permission to go forward with it and practice it plus whoever else is there, you are all connected to each other in some way after this.
Because I am a Nyingma practioner and for information only that they are referred to as the ancient ones and oldest of the sects as they evolved from the Bon's and are referred to as Red Hats but are the oldest. You are in good hands and this will just help you now as you go forward with your plans.
From the book called Tibetan Buddhism is what is written: The wholly unreformed section of the Lamas was, as we have seen, named Nin-ma-pa or the "old School". It is more freely than any other tinged with the native Bon or pre-Buddhist practices, and celibacy and abstinence are rarely practiced. This is the real "red-hat" sect of the Lamas. In regards the me6aphysical Buddha Samanta-bhada as its primordial deity or Adi-Buddha. Its mystic insight is Mahautpanna or "the great ultimate perfection." Its tutelaries are "The fearful Varja (Varja-"phurba") and Dub-pa-kah-gye. Its guardian demon is "The Lord Guru. Its worships the Guru Padma-sambhava, the founder of Lamaism, in a variety of forms, both devine and demoniacal, expressive of his different moods at different times, and also his favoite teacher Kashmira teacher, Sri Sinba, and the India teacher of the latter, Gah-rab Dorji, who derived his inspiraton from the celestrial Buda, Varjasatwar.
Guru Padma-sambhava was invited by the King of Tibet from India and was the one that brought Buddism to Tibet.
Chenrezig is really referred to as Avalokita or Avalokitesvara "The keen seeing lord, the great pitier and lord of mercy. The spiritual son of the celestial Buddha Amitabha, he is the most powerful and popular of all the Bodhisats.
I have written a book here but I hope it is of some help to you. The books name is Tibetan Buddhism by L. Austine Waddell and is a must book for those that are interested in Tibetan Buddhism as it explains it all.

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