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Posted by Susan S ( on September 13, 2000 at 16:28:44:

In Reply to: Meat posted by Savaka on September 12, 2000 at 22:41:33:

I thank you so much for what you just wrote and have made two copies to make sure I understand.
Its the first time in my whole life that someone has written something that I can understand.
I am not a meat eater by choice and really hate to eat food at all and have never been interested in it.
I can remember one time when I got ill with this stupid diease I have that I was taking up to 64 vitamin pills a day that was suppose to help the immune system. That got expensive and choking all those pills down daily was really a chore.
I have always love fish and quite eating that for ten years or more and iodine comes from that plus keeps the joints flowing and so I just started eating it again and really I feel better. I suppose I could take a Fish suppliment but that is still going to contain fish of some sort.
I agree with the vegatable and grain thing and have no problem with that as I know that is good for the immune system.
I really am a juicer, fluids and more fluids and I am a happy camper as it helps the digestive system not to have to work so hard. Water is great but you can't drink that only so see what I am running into.
I really made a decision that I had to do some great changing in eating to help my body as it was just getting worse. So I went on a water fast to clean out the whole system and start all over again. Its been a interesting process and I have cut out all caffine and sugar and all the junk and I feel better. That is for real.
I also have found out that we realy don't need alot of food per sea to survive and I notice with the Lamas and especially the older ones that they don't eat alot so am trying to pattern that for myself.
I have a cholestrol level of over 300 and high blood pressure and I certainly don't want to stroke out here so its been a interesting thing to try and fix.
I am sorry that you thought I was attacking, I wasn't and didn't mean to create conflict but I am very grateful for what you wrote as it gives me a guide line of some sort. I was sincere in what I wrote, I have never understood what meat is and I am getting old here, you would think I would know but I didn't until now and like I said earlier, I really thank you.
We are what we put into our bodies and that is truth. I am like you, I don't why everyone gets so upset about this subject. We each do the best we can and moderation is the name of the game.
I have even reproched my own Lama for what he puts into his system and how it will effect him but then who am I to tell a Lama what to do eat.
Thank you for answering me.

Susan S

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