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Posted by Susan S ( on September 13, 2000 at 16:59:10:

In Reply to: Re: Drugs posted by Sergio on September 13, 2000 at 11:50:06:

Thank you both for your input, it was well received and confirmation on how I feel. I went ten years without medication because of the vows of no drugs and I can't tell you of the untold suffering that I endured and the damage I was doing to my body.
It also brings to mind with people that have AIDS or some life threatening issue that these rules are absoute as without them, suffering and death is a certainty. Sometimes when one of you write so sure of your views then you make us doubt that we who don't have a perfect body that we are committing a terrible karmic thing here. I think that is wrong and not very compassionate to us that are ill.
I am so grateful that in todays world that there is medicine that helps me live and stay out of pain as much as I can and once I let that sin if you call it that let go, my life has become much more richer and my practice is better by taking the medicine. I went without meds until I walked into my Doctor's office and said to him "Help me die, I can't bear it" and I even made arrangements to have someone help me to die because I couldn't take the suffering any longer.
Now I have hope and I can deal with this so much better and hope that I live a long life. Life is very precious even to those of us that have physical issues and we want to live without judgement.
Suffering is a great teacher, believe me, but its not a karmic thing, it really a catalist for great spiritual growth. Yes, Karmic is involved and I don't dispute that but I have learned so much and when I look back on all of these years, I sort of bless them as perhaps I wouldn't be where I am on my own spiritual plane without it.
We have Lamas that come to America for medical treatment that they can't obtain in India. I also agree with not just American medicine but with both Tibetan and Chinese medicine.
Please just be kind in what you preceive to be the truth in what you read and is your opinion solely.
Have compassion on us please.

Susan S

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