"The Position as it now Stands"

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Posted by Maitreya ( on September 14, 2000 at 14:54:28:

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The Position as it now stands
And other Matters 30.8.2000
Dear People,
There has been no growth or advancement, the Stabilisation has been first and foremost aimed at living conditions and the education necessary to rise to this challenge, in this area a disparity exists. To move to greater equality and distribution we must first correct the barriers to this, no not by war. More work must be done! the steps are precise, there will not be a compromise on my part.

Nelson Mandella told you clearly that you must reconcile your thinking with your emotions, and no he is not my messenger– whose messenger could he be? He also said you are to sit down with ”these people” to find common ground, what people is he referring to? You were told I OFFER PEACE, I do not work for it. Working for Peace means one must comprehend the untenable position in which certain people stand, for this they are given Peace awards to help them move aside or to negotiate a positive outcome, though I have noticed it brings them more into the spotlight, it enhances their standing. Why?

One would be aware that these people may be indebted, and are given encouragement to carry out the tasks required, one would also be aware that the process called cause and effect is observable in human behaviour as well as in the Economic System. Karmic Debt entails repayment in a physical sense, no it is not an ‘airy fairy’ notion that can be cast aside, you would also know I do not call the qualified I qualify the called.

In understanding the past you would know that one structure was divided into two, one with Juan Antonio Samaranch and Queen Elizabeth II at it’s head, the other with Colonel M. Quaddafi and Mary Robinson at it’s head, these frameworks with all interconnections is the mandril that Religions grew upon, they thus grew many types of understandings, in some cases superimposed over existing beliefs. One point must be born in mind, we did not attempt to alter the power structure, that would be madness. The reason is that first one must “allow the tree or trees to grow” before clarification or classification can take place. Therefore the worship would obviously be aligned to various power bases within that structure, this in turn fuels the erection of this group on a platform, [Platform St; Lidcombe] for all to see, these structures are best described as CHURCHES. The government structure you are now beginning to enjoy grew from work that started in India, Greece and Tibet with input from various countries over a long period of time, with beginnings in pre-dynastic Egypt, Jerusalem and other locations which were meeting places for the team involved. One such meeting was in India under Gautama the Buddha another was in the time of Jesus yet others took place in Tibet and Australia.

As you may be aware many attempted to stop this movement forward and upward, some of these people were double agents within our own ranks, in other words conspirators or traitors, many have been identified and are now imprisoned in various ways. Yet others were involved in forcing subservience on some of these people, the product of this caused the problems of Church and State, as well as “Various New Age Movements” and associated falsity. This was the fuel for wars and the rise of the confusion that surrounds the various organs within the international sphere of influence. As you can see trillions are wasted in the belief that you can solve all the problems that abound-They will get worse, though you will continue to justify improvements, an untenable position my friends.

Recently the issue of a Bill of Human Rights has been touched on in Australia, one is to be enacted in Britain; it is not worth the paper it is printed on! First, all issues MUST be resolved; this includes the past most heinous evil acts perpetrated on this earth “THE MURDER OF JESUS”. These actions in themselves will ensure a foundation of trust is built which will mean that “Land Ownership or Planet Ownership or Custody” issues are dealt with-This is imperative for the security necessary for the next stages of development on this Earth. One would be cognisant that murder and genocide of people or groups whose role entails benevolence to all people would instantly undermine security. You all, at whatever education level you sit, would understand this, some as willing followers, others as victims of these atrocities.

The Dalai Lama may now be receiving the fruits of understanding from the events that unfolded between he and I [9th Panchen Lama] during the 1920’s. In many ways this led to the formulation of The United Nations and other disorganised international groups and associations, these formulations attempted to avert the inevitable, well they wont! Delusion has, as you know been the focus of many teachings, one being “The Lords Prayer” in it’s correct translation. Delusion is little understood, it’s management causes conflict, it’s long term fruit need remedies that allow it to arise, it’s suppression finally effects the mind and thus the motor functions of the human body.

In clarifying issues of Power in relation to Constitutional Interconnections and Treaties, one is wise to engage the services of Electrical Engineers, this will enable you to go some way to identify Power Surges and other interrelated phenomena.

Be aware that many will attempt to entrap me, this I am aware of, it may seem to work, though it will not. It was I who designed the system that will move into place, it is a turn-key operation aligned to a PURPOSE. I am the one who will advise on installation, this means that should attempts be made to harm me or my people you will all suffer, this I can assure you! Should you believe time will be given or taken as Lord Cooke of Thorndon seems to believe, you are erroneous in your assumption! You play with gates and time! This matter is a serious criminal investigation, this could cause all to become dour and depressed, such as was the outcome enforced by the past regimes. Happiness and Lightness promotes growth, this I am very aware, though if seeds of deception are not removed, it’s growth will direct you, by it’s organisation. It has, until now!

The Divine Great Director

Chakravartin Buddha Maitreya
XII Panchen Lama
GoverNMent of The Worlds
P.O. Box 286 Augusta, 6290, Western Australia.

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