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Posted by Susan S ( on September 14, 2000 at 20:06:44:

In Reply to: Re: Drugs- Sergio - Tim posted by Kevin Lord on September 14, 2000 at 07:49:01:

: Susan,

: I think the most important thing to be realized here is that the drugs _are_ an escape from reality... that this is the opposite point of Buddhism, much as Sergio reveals in his letter...

: HOWEVER, so what? To use or not use the drugs is not the important thing, IMHO... I would say that whether or not you use drugs, the endeavor of primary importance is that of awareness... It is quite possible to be on a mind-altering drug, and to still at the same time maintain perfect awareness... Quite easy, in fact, because the awareness/consciousness does not stem from the mind, but rather from something else.

: There are masters who have said that the drugs can be useful once or twice (albeit, they don't recommend them for regular usage) simply because they too can be 'fingers pointing at the moon'... Marijuana, LSD, Psilocyben... none of these things have any inherent worth, good or bad. It is simply the quality of awareness that you bring to their usage.

: That said, in my PERSONAL experience, and in the experiences of those that I have been close to and observed, the drugs themselves may provide that 'finger pointing to the moon', but this is a benefit that is exhausted within one or two experiences of the substance at hand... After this, the drug(s) seem to be either neutral, or harmful, depending on the quality of awareness that you can bring to the experience... many people become less aware when taking drugs, thus the warning by most practicioners of Buddhism...

: In the end, I would recommend that you simply apply your awareness to your usage of drugs. Don't be afraid to acknowledge that you are an 'addict' if that is indeed the case, but also be unconcerned... let awareness be the bridge that leads to practicing Buddhism, and not the other way around.

: IMHO. :)

: Let karma worry about itself! :)

I am enjoying all your replies and I do agree that there are some drugs that are "finger Pointing" and once that is done, the drug no longer works, it did what it was suppose to do. There are things out here that I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole because of the respect of my own MIND and possible the damage that could be done to that MIND. MIND is the most important part of us all and no way am I going to destroy any part of these cells upstairs. I have seen such damage from drugs that it breaks ones heart because when its gone, you can get it back.

Everything that was put on this planet or now made in pill form can be of benefit for man with the hopes that man will understand, respect and use it as its meant to be given.

Gangi is not a drug, it is a plant, it is a herb, it is healer. From the original plant we have made rope from it, we have made many good uses and on the other end, it was meant to benefit man if that was needed. Tibetans Doctors cook the seeds up and put it in food. This does not mean that one has to use and really shouldn't unless there is a valid reason for its use.

I understand what Michael is saying as he is young and that is what the young should think and stay that way. Youth or anyone can abuse and that is exactly what people do and that is when people use it to escape and that is morally and wrong and that is what the Lamas are talking about.

I wonder where some of you get your distorted thoughts or is it just you aren't aware. In the medical field and in the years to come, the HERB
is being used for many physical issues and its benefits are profound, it certainly is better than morphine and other hard stuff in dealing with cancer, AIDS, chronic pain and once US gets over their thing, it will be used more as that is what that plant can do. Its really quite something. Its natural, remember not a DRUG.

I just threw the addict thing just to see what replies I would get. I would probably go thru some withdrawal because of the kind of drugs I take but so what. I am not defending here, please understand that. My body is addicted to what I take but my mind isn't and I tell you something, I am so glad to be alive in this time that medicine that is being created that human beings are not having to suffer as they did in the past or that whatever disease one has, that there is now something for it. I have had the honor of having the finest of Doctors take care of me and help me and that I live easier than in the old days, god, do any of you realize what mankind has had to endure and suffer in past eons of time. Its good to be able to live life even with a physical vehicle that doesn't work well anymore and I am excited for all of mankind equally for myself.

For you that are young or in good health, count your blessings and take care of that physical vehicle thats letting you stay here. Don't abuse it and I can say by experience, one never know what can happen in the next moment. You can go in one second from whole to being totally not able to move every again. That is why human"s are so forunate.

I sorry, I got off on a tangent here and I hope none of you are taking offense as I don't mean it that way.

My meds have never screwed my practice or my spiritual developement and it is alright to take medicine, really. I tried it the other way but this way is alot easier for my body and my mind to deal with. Like I said, suffering is one's best friend.

I thank you all for your responses, I have never made a big thing out of this nor any of my Lamas, they know my physical issues..but like I said, someone will say something, then I doubt myself.

Susan S

You are right, its no big thing, I just keep doing it.
Thanks everyone.

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