Re: Christianity and Buddhism- is it possible?

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Posted by fred inglis on November 18, 1999 at 20:58:17:

In Reply to: Re: Christianity and Buddhism- is it possible? posted by fred inglis on November 18, 1999 at 19:21:17:

: : : Robyn,

: :I claim to be a Christian, although I realize that self rcommendation is no recommendation at all!. Never the less I do so claim "that I am called to the high calling in Christ Jesus."
As a Christian I am encouraged to enter into my own study of other faiths, by enquiring about ones faith beliefs, from them and not from Chrisians, or people holding other beliefs than that of Buddists [or philosophies].
I obtained some littiture on Buddhism from a street stall manned by a Buddhist nun. From these
I have gleaned some insight on Buddhism Philosophy
and views on religion, with some little comments on what they do not hold as Truth such as the existance of only one creator God as presented in Genesis,refered to as, the first of the five books books of Moses. I do not wish to enter into a debate about the reality or non reality of statements and claims made outside of Buddism as my pourpose is to discover that which Buddism teaches right accross the broad spectrum of life,religion, and polatics. I need to have at this stage the reason for and resaon behind certain statements that are made in the booklets I obtained from the stall.
The main booklet is a publication titled "JEN BUDDISM DIGEST" distributed the "Buddhist Voice Mission of Australia", Guilford N.S.W. 2161 phone [02]9632816 As also are the other pamphlets I have and will refer too.
querries about statements ect. in the publications.
"faith is the origin of all paths to enlightenment" qu. In whom or what is one tohave "faith" in?
"Unethical or immoral actions originate from an impure mind" qu. What or who is the originator of the impure mind?
As the mind of mankind [each person individually] harbours the same thoughts. to a less or greater degree, and the proccess of thout [thinking] is an on going activity in every persons mind how can he escape his/her own thoughts other than to stop thinking altogether! This being the natural conditon of people, the only possible way to escape is to stop thinking which means you stop funtioning all to gether for good or bad. qu. How does the Buddhist keep functioning only for good[and who's good] when and if he achieves the cessation of thinking?

The "blind turtle" the most extreme life possible is eternal. If the turtle lives this lenght of time, it would visit every drop of water in his oceans, and so would the hole in the drift wood eventually the hole and the turtle would meet and the hole would pass over the turtle, and the turtle would pas through the hole even if they both woul not be aware of it?
qu. why is Buddhist philosphy inacappable of entertaining the possibity of nothing, given sufficient time is impossible or probable?
"our destiny depends on ourselves" Is this always a truth? consider a person going about an honest activity, and another person unknown to him murders him. would he have been resonible for this destiny or for any action that he is not aware of. This type of thinking to ME is a good way of being able to escape my responsability for other people especially those who are more unfortunate than I. Remember the Granville train disaster?
The king question I would ask is the impression I have so far of Buddhist teaching leading the individual to committ good deed for his own personal attainment of a good personal clompletion to his own goals, and he has no thought of self sacrifice for others?
I hope you can give me an answere that Buddhism does not teach such a ego centric teaching,as I have yet come to understand thus far from what little input the material given to me to read, and also my gleanings from the few "Buddhist" I have spoken to and enquired from.
"True goodness is not self seeking, I should be prepared to suffer the dangers of hell fire for any person regardless of religion, and philosophies of any kind!"

"You shall know the Truth and the truth shall set you free" Jesus of Nazereth.

Regards fred.

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