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Posted by Susan S ( on September 18, 2000 at 00:04:52:

In Reply to: vegetarianism-perplexing questionss posted by Kathryn on September 17, 2000 at 06:55:33:

I think what you wrote and Tim's follow up was petty good and seems to make sense. I was called down when I mention that animal and such were here to help the human race but I, too, was referring to the beginning of man kind, he came in with not much of anything and relly naked. Depending on location of imigrating, that at that time there were unusual animals out here and I am sure that they tried to find anything to nourish themselves which included the killing of the animal for all of it benefits, food, clothing, bones that were made for sewing, etc and etc.
Even in this day and age, out in the remotest parts of the world, people still do this. They live oh bugs, insects, ants. If one will look at something that all sectors of life eat and need life support so one just put the blame on the humans aone. Animals kill and eat each other, insects do the same, bugs to the same, fish do the same and mankind also has to have a food chain. Its the lack of the respect where the humans are concerned as they don't respect they do and deplete the natural laws.
This year when I was in Bankok, I came across bugs as a food and tho I had never eaten one before, I did try a few and found them to tasty and actually very nutritional.
I am very ashamed of commercial aspect of this world that hunts down meat, fish and so forth but remember there are 6 billion on this face of the earth at the moment.
I just want to end this with a comical reply, I remember years ago when I was trying to study the early progress of mankind that it was stated that a woman watched grain go and then tried it herself and that is how wheat and vegatables came into being. Don't know where the book is to quote on this but interesting.
In China alone, there isn't one animal that is not used for food and some are of great benefit for health. Its like they have special places they go to order food for its health issues.
Now I am really going to zapped on this one. Just remember how many years man has been here and how much they had to learn to be able to survive.
One last subject is what is happening to the Rain Forest and how many natural herbs used for medicine is being destroyed by the greed of man along with the fact as to what it is doing to the enviroment of the whole world. We are depleting our resources, then what? Its a little scary here.
There seems to a natural set of laws each of the species. There are even flowers that are poison and eat bugs so it is not really a complex thing.
This world was set up this way, who or why, I don't have the foggest but think about it.
Are animals creating karma when they kill forselves as rest of the critters.


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