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Posted by Susan S ( on September 19, 2000 at 07:30:37:

In Reply to: names posted by kasandra on September 18, 2000 at 05:02:32:

I am glad I was of some help to you. For many years, I really didn't understand it myself until someone finally explained it to me. It is strange but I have taken three names that are each different but were taken with three different teachers at different times in my life. It appeared for me and remember its my own opinion that each name meaning was really the same but they changed accordingly as to how I had grown in my spiritual growth and had added to it.
Most people or I would say most Americans don't use their names on a day to day basis because of the complexities of it. To use it on a day basis and to make it a legal thing, it runs here around $400 dollars which entails putting it in a newspaper for a certain period of time, then going to court and officially removing your own name on all documents which when I had thought of doing that, I realized what a chore that would be in so far as social security and any other legal business.
The name can be used on a daily basis if that is what you wish, and no problem in that as by law we can use any name we wish. But most people won't understand why you are using it but if your heart feels comfortable, then use it if you wish. It is a spiritual name and it is to help you to achieve what you are trying to go for.
For myself I know where and who I got mine from and I was so honored that I just sort of keep it quiet and don't use it often but I am grateful as it shows my potential and what to strive for. Besides I have trouble saying it so what can I say The refuge name is suppose to be given to anyone that is seeking refugee and if the Lama or teacher doesn't give it to you, then its a little out of line with the original reason why you go for refugee.
You have been given a beautiful name and to get use to it, try using it verbally so you will always be aware of it.
At the time of the refugee, was it written down for you? My own names were like a card that stated the refugee, the teacher giving it and the date it was issued along with a seal. That is authentic.
I just want to point out one thing for you if I may, mankind has only two things that belong to him in this life and that is his name at birth and his birthday. The birth date shows what life you are born and where your real soul number is and gives the essence of the karma of where you are in this life time. The name when it is broken down will show you what you are either lacking and need to work on and the ones that aren't missing means you have got the lesson down and if you put it all together it help leads you in life journey.
Tibetans use numbers in their astrology and is very important to them. It refers to energy and when mankind had nothing to go by, it was numbers that started the whole thing that man had something that is his and his only.
Women will always be effected diffeent as man usually keep it unless for reasons, they change it, but when female changes like marriage, changes the whole ball game around.
Names and birth days are not a accident.
I am writing a book here again, so in closing, many blessings. When my own grandchildren were going to be named, we always did the numberical aspects of it to see if we could help the child coming and I even picked out my grandson's birthday day due to him having no choice of birth as needed surgury.
I had a dear friend that always made charts up for new borns so the parents could understand and help their children grow into their own being plus the undrstanding of the child's nature.
Just for a interesting point but I had charts done when I was in Dharmasala years ago for all of my my family including names given by His Holiness as felt that was a gift I could give my family. It took them nine months to do a chart and so I had to wait all that time for it. The names were much easier that His Holiness gave the name and it was written on a white card in gold and finally one of my Lamas wrote out its meaning so I would have a idea, see that what I mean when I started that I didn't understand it all.

End of sage,


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