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Posted by Michael Pollard ( on September 19, 2000 at 09:44:49:

In Reply to: Dying alone posted by Susan S on September 19, 2000 at 08:10:20:

Susan. I can only speak of theory on dying alone, or dying in general. I figure that what is needed is first peace of mind that we have made right in the world, then should death come it is that much easier to let go... Also, it's important to have a good solid foundation in practice and at least have losened attachments... especially to ourselves. I know I still shuder at death, because I cling to my body as being a huge part of me. Of course a strong belief in something afterward is important... not just blackness, or one won't be willing to die. When someone (I cannot remeber who) stated he believed none could die with out fear, the Buddha explained why people die in fear, and how one can die without fear. Essentially, those attached to the sensual world, and to their body fear losing these things after death, those that have not made good use of their time fear the consiquences should their be an afterlife, and those that don't have great faith in Dhamma (or the afterlife) die
in fear of death. The opposite of these things, non-attachment to the world, physical self, to lead a good life and have faith in the Dhamma, will allow one to die without fear. What I gather from this is to prepare for death comes from dedicated pratice, since those things which make death fearful is what is being eliminated by practice. Of course, most people will find it difficult to relieve all those things which make death fearful, but we must all work our best now... so when death comes, we can rely on that practice to help us along. Also remeber, we all die alone, for no one travels with us and practice for death will help wheather or not we are surronded by people. Metta.

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