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Posted by Susan S ( on September 20, 2000 at 09:41:17:

In Reply to: Re: Dying alone posted by Michael Pollard on September 19, 2000 at 09:44:49:

Michael, You are a young man and death seems so remote because of it but I am not refering to the spiritual aspect to this as I understand that part of it but the practicality of it and what one must do as his or her own control and responsibility.
You have a set of parents that will make your decisions for you and you have parents that will go buy your casket and make arrangements. When one doesn't have that then they must go make their own arrangements. Medically, is one of the most important thing that one does for oneself as documentation must be made as to your wishes in certain arenas and your Doctor needs to knew what you want done so they can honor it and that also needs to be cleared up and documented.
We have one of the greatest medical systems that exist and continues to exist where life is substanable under almost any kind of circumstance and Doctors choice is to save and the ones they have learned from as been the elderly. I want to have my wishes honored as I wish them not the Doctors nor medicine itself. I have to decide what I want done to this body after death, I have to figure out what I want disposed or where I want to be disposed.
I will give you an example, just for you. I changed my life in midstream to go a different way, I wanted to understand death to its fullest and especially the process on a spiritual level as death approaches and what can be done. If not in death, to be able to create an enviroment for those that are in the process or even to those that are not able to leave their homes, how do I help that.
I went to work in hospitals, nursing homes, home care and Rehab Institutes and my patients became my teachers. Each night I went to work, I went with excitment as I never knew who would be my next patient or my next teachers. Grave yard shift, 11-7 is the lonelest time in any facility and the pain and suffering that goes with each person is heart wrenching but I admire the spirit of man that he arises to the occassion in his full glory if it is set up right and on the other hand, the suffering is unreal.
But that is not the story or example I wanted to tell you but about a man that was on his way home and got robbed and shot five times and should have been allowed to leave this earth but the challenge for the Doctors was to save life, not what the after effect would be on that human being. He was my first para and he couldn't do a thing for himself and the changes that this being had to endure to just exist was something to watch. I took care of him and then I too became injured, we continued on as co harts and went to school together and help estabish a pain therpy group but to just wake up in the morning was a beginning of hell each day. Sid made his mark on this community and he left it better but in the end, he took his life, not because he wanted to but because the suffering that had been enforced on him destroyed him. He lasted nine years. Death is interferred in every level for every human being that exists by medical standards ,well for myself that is not what I wish and so I will make sure that I don't have to endure this medical thing we have going on, EGO, I want to go to my death as its meant for to go and I want to experience what I have been practicing my whole life for and I will fight for that right.
I have things I have gathered in this life that I thought I had someone to deal with, well, I don't so that means I need to pick up the responsbility now and put in words and make it legal, where it is to go.
I had this all fixed up once and the freedom of know I could take my last breath and I had finished business gave me a great deal of freedom, well I now have to redo that and it is in the process of being done and then I can just enjoy life.


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